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The war is not going well. The German’s are advancing towards the coast of France and Belgium. Any resistance made by the allied forces is swept aside. A resistance group have found top secret plans which describe the next phase of the German advance including how they plan to invade England. The plans were being decoded in a secret hut near Bletchley but the agents have mysteriously disappeared. You have been asked to go to the secret hut with a team to try to find the plans before it is too late.


You are enjoying a holiday in California with your friends when things go very wrong. You find yourself on a boat heading towards an island in the San Francisco bay. The Rock - the most secure prison in the US has been renovated and made even more secure - your new home. It seems your only way out of this nightmare is to try to escape...

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  • 5 star ratingEscape room Excellent room suitable for all ages, as it was just me and my husband we were locked in 🙁 but only would have needed a couple of seconds to complete the room . great room , great host.

    paulinesmith931 Avatar

    5 star ratingBetween a rock and a locked place! We had a fantastic time today escaping ‘The Rock’. The room was very thought out and had minimal locks. The puzzles were interesting and had a good level of difficulty. Thanks!

    Heidi9011 Avatar

    5 star ratingGreat brain workout, great fun!!! We booked The Secret Hut as a Christmas present for my parents, 6 of us went, and loved every second.We received a friendly welcome and great intro to the game, Cathy is a fantastic host.The room was really well done and fit the theme perfectly. The clues (we had 7) were tailored to our game. The Kudos challenge gives it a good competitive aspect. It’s definitely the hardest escape room we’ve done but thoroughly enjoyed the brain workout. We ran out of time on the final challenge of the game, but will be back to take on The Rock!!! Thank you for a great experience and well done for creating such a fantastic version of escape room! More

    LeonaKW Avatar
  • 5 star ratingDon't Get Locked In! Excellent Escape Room - third one we have done and the best so far! We were 4 adults and one 11 year old. Cathy, the host was excellent and so friendly and welcoming and she also gave us a helpful debrief after the session. It was a really enjoyable and challenging experience and we really liked the fact that we were in control of the process so that we could ask for the clues when we needed them. We managed to get Gold on the Kudos challenge so also won a bottle of champagne! Highly recommended!

    Cherry T Avatar
    Cherry T

    5 star ratingFantastic, atmospheric escape room Myself, wife and niece have just completed the rock escape roomThe quality of the room was fantastic, the puzzles were challenging but achievableWe escaped with 1 second remaining.The clues are fantastically designed and leave you wanting moreThis was our 2nd room and we will definitely be doing more.Thank you Cathy for a great time

    davidphillips2015 Avatar

    5 star ratingAbsolutely Awesome My first time to an escape room and will not be my last. Super friendly reception from Kathy, made you feel completely at ease. You could see how much our enjoyment meant to her. The room itself was awesome...amazing eye to detail and so much!! Winston churchill watching from the back wall as we tried our hardest to solve all the clues.Managed to escape with 30 secs to go!!Will return soon to do 'The Rock' as soon as we can.Big thank you to Kathy, awesome place to go to!!!

    simonwalters72 Avatar
  • 5 star ratingAn hour of fun I have been to many escape rooms now and was very happy when a new company appeared nearer to home so booked in a visit. Our host Cathy was very welcoming and we could tell straight away was passionate about the business and trying to make sure people enjoyed their time with them which we certainly did. Overall the room was very well themed and the puzzles enjoyable and we enjoyed the extra bits of details that some of the props and parts of the room added. We ended up running out of time but we love the challenge of escape rooms and will certainly be back to take on the Rock. Would recommend to any others thinking of trying this venue for an hours entertainment.

    morrinuk Avatar

    5 star ratingChallenging and fun Excellent time for all ages.It’s challenging and fun and the host/owner is helpful and supportive. She explains the rules and the process carefully, but makes it fun and welcoming

    jonathanhB8937CC Avatar

    5 star ratingTrapped but loved it This was a last minute booking for a Wednesday afternoon with my Mum and Sister as we had a day off work. Although it was hard and we had to ask for loads of clues we still really enjoyed ourselves. We did the Secret hut room, I really loved the feel of the room, it was themed as an office from the 1940's during the war. The puzzles were interesting and really got the grey matter going. We didn't escape but as we were so close Cathy let us continue as there was no-one else booked in after us. We were so please she did as we carried on and got out. Cathy was really lovely and welcoming I shall definitley come back with my friends and try 'The Rock' next. Thanks for all your help Cathy, see you soon x More

    nicolaegray Avatar
  • 5 star ratingExcellent Tried out both escape rooms (and got locked in both times!) - great fun, friendly help and advice, would definitely recommend! More

    Jessica P Avatar
    Jessica P

    5 star ratingGreat fun with the family Who would have guessed that our family of 5 would really enjoy being locked in a room together for an hour (54 mins to be exact). As this was my first experience of an escape room I didn't know what to expect and have no comparisons but we all had a great time.We chose to go into The Secret Hut which as it turned out was perfect for our family. Some great clues and searching around the room meant that the kids were engaged for our time in the room, there was enough to give the three of them a job each. Our youngest is 10, the oldest 13 and there was plenty for them to get involved in.The styling and props were great and gave the room an authentic feel. The clues challenging and the theme great.Kathy was a star, very friendly and completely enthusiastic making our visit an enjoyable one. More

    stephen m Avatar
    stephen m

    5 star ratingChallenging but fun! I took my daughter, niece and nephews (ages 13 - 18) to The Rock for some family fun, teamwork and bonding! They have a fantastic time, didn't escape the room (even though they were kindly given a bit of extra time) but it didn't matter - they absolutely loved it. We will be back to try The Secret Hut - apparently a bit easier. Cathy was a great host, very personable, and glad she has made this local family run business a success!

    C R Avatar
    C R



Each games lasts for 60 minutes.  Consequently, every second counts, therefore you  need to work as a team to solve the puzzles and escape. Do you think you have what it takes?


Our online booking system makes it easy to book your session.  Prices start at just £20 for adults, £18 for seniors, £16 for young adults & £12 per child. We accept credit card or PayPal.


Our escape rooms are a great group activity.  They enable you to challenge yourself and above all, enable you to work with your team mates to solve the puzzles and complete the mission.



The games are perfect for all ages.  However, children aged 12+ will generally get the most out of the experience.  Younger children (8+) are also welcome but must be accompanied by an adult.


Escape rooms are a perfect way to spend time with friends, especially to share a special occasion like a birthday. Consequently, why not try something different with a group of friends!


Our games provide a great team building experience for groups of up to 6 people. Furthermore you can book a side-by-side session, enabling larger groups to play together.







Introducing the Kudos Challenge




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Our escape rooms can take a maximum of 6 people per session, as a result 2-6 people can experience the rooms in one session.  We also offer side-by-side sessions for larger groups who would like to experience both rooms simultaneously.


Our escape rooms are perfect for people of all ages, consequently we feel our pricing should reflect that.  Therefore we don’t charge one price for all! Our pricing is £20 for adults, £18 for senior citizens, £16 for young adults and £12 for children aged 8 to 12.


Your escape room experience should be a unique memory to share with your fellow gamers.  Consequently, we not to expect you to share a session with anyone else, even for groups of 2 people.

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