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Big Trouble at Christmas

Big trouble 1080

Christmas was cancelled last year and Santa feels responsible; He wasn’t of course but he’s taken the fact that he couldn’t deliver presents for the first time ever very hard. He’s feeling sad and nothing the elves try to do will cheer him up.

The problem is it’s an hour before he’s due to leave the North Pole and start delivering presents and he’s not even started to prepare. We don’t have presents for the children, the reindeer don’t know in which order they should be pulling the sleigh and as if that wasn’t enough, this year’s journey has not even been planned.

The elves have given up and gone home. Can you organise everything so it’s ready for Santa to leave? And most importantly can you get Santa’s christmas cheer back so he can deliver presents to all the children.



Duration (Mins)


Difficulty (1-5)


Max No of Players


Escape Rate %

Please Note:

  • This game was designed for children aged 6 and over so the difficulty level reflects this.
  • There must be at least one player over the age of 16 in the room.
  • At least one player must have good mobility. This game is slightly physical.
  • 2-4 players.
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