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Our COVID-19 Policy

Our Commitment to You

Don’t Get Locked In is committed to providing a safe and fun escape room experience whilst protecting the safety of its’ customers and employees.  This policy which has been updated in line with the latest government COVID restrictions on Thursday 24th February 2022 and explains how Don’t Get Locked In will operate.


We are fortunate that our escape rooms are spread over 2 floors with 2 separate spacious reception areas and toilet/washing facilities.

We ensure that rigorous cleaning measures are in place cleaning all high-contact touch points (like props and locks and handles and boxes..)

We have updated risk assessments and operating procedures incorporating all Covid related information.

Before You Arrive

  • You will need to complete a waiver before you can play our games.
  • When you make your booking you will receive an email with a link to register and complete the waiver.  ALL players must complete this either in advance or on-site.  IN ORDER TO AVOID UNNECESSARY DELAY PLEASE ENSURE THIS IS DONE BEFORE YOUR SESSION.
  • Additional players (up to the published maximum per room) can still ‘turn up and play’ but will need to pay for their session using contactless payment and also complete the waiver, which can be done onsite.

On Arrival

All customers will be required to do the following on arrival:

  • Ring the buzzer on the wall next to the entrance door.
  • Use the provided hand sanitiser to sanitise your hands as soon as you enter the building – this is clearly signed.
  • Make your way to the appropriate reception area where you will be greeted by your Games Master:
    • 1st Floor
      • The Secret Hut
      • Return to The Rock
      • The Vault
      • Audacious
      • Big Trouble at Christmas!
    • 2nd Floor
      • Extortion
      • Gin & Panic
      • The Lock In Lounge

During the Briefing

There will be no other teams of players on the same floor as you, each floor is completely self contained with reception, toilets and refreshments.

  • When you enter reception please take a seat in readiness for a health & safety briefing and some housekeeping before the game.  Please maintain a safe distance from staff.
  • You will have the opportunity to wash hands and/or sanitise before entering the room.
  • We have toilet facilities on both floors.  There are two cubicles per toilet per floor.
  • Free chilled water is available from a water dispenser using 100% biodegradable cone cups.  Players can arrive with their own water bottles if preferred.
  • After you have had the safety briefing and game introduction you will be directed to enter your room and start your experience.
  • Wash your hands before and after undertaking the experience and avoid touching your face. We have wash basins/antibacterial sanitiser and will be directed to it’s usage upon arriving.

During the Game

The games have not be modified, shortened or changed in any way so you will still get the full Don’t Get Locked In Experience.

  • Once inside the escape room that you have booked masks can either be worn or not worn, it is personal choice, as a business we still recommend that they remain on though.
  • You can pick up items and interact with objects as you would normally.
  • After you finish your game you will receive a full debrief.

After the Game

Once the debrief is completed your Games Master will take your photo (with your permission) and record your time.

You will then be free to leave the building using the same staircase.

And finally….  TripAdvisor reviews would be most welcome.

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