Can YOU Beat the Kudos Challenge?

kudos challenge

The Kudos Challenge is completely unique to Don’t Get Locked In.  It enables you, the players, to take control of how many clues you use and thus how difficult the game is. Less clues means more kudos.

In order to make the game as competative as possible we have created three classifications of clues, Bronze, Silver and Gold, from easy to hard.  The less clues you use the more you are rewarded.

Each level allows the team to ask for a limited number of clues, for example Gold level is 0-3*. This enables our players to directly control with what difficulty level they want to play the game. For those players that escape on Gold level the team get to take home a bottle of of our unique Don’t Get Locked Gin. You can also purchase it from our shop.

Of course you don’t have to play the game this way, you can instead use as many clues as you want to ‘just escape’, that is the beauty of the Kudos Challenge it’s your choice how you play each game. Good Luck!

If you are new to escape rooms, check out our blog post which explains what you can expect to find when you enter the room!

*Clue levels are different for our 2 hour game, Audacious: 0 – 6 Gold, 7 – 14 Silver, 15 – 22 Bronze.

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