Return To The Rock

escape room the rock

It’s 12 months since you successfully escaped The Rock and things have taken a turn for the worst.  You become good friends with Bill and Terry – former inmates. Unfortunately they haven’t learned their lesson and pretty soon revert to what they know – armed robbery.  They enlist you to help them, apparently the smart one of the outfit. But one day you’re about to pull off a big heist when things go wrong, bad planning, you’re outnumbered and the cops are called.

Once again you find yourself in the most secure prison in the US. Only this time it’s your fault.  Following your previous escape, the prison security has been upgraded, but this does not deter you. Very quickly you and your friends start plotting another escape from The Rock.

The Vault is combined with Return to The Rock in a different scenario to create our unique 2 hour game – Audacious.  Therefore it is advisable to not book either room individually if you plan to play Audacious in the future.



Duration (Mins)


Difficulty (1-5)


Max No of Players


Escape Rate %

Please Note:

  • Children under 10 are not permitted to take part in the game.
  • The recommended age due to the complexity of the puzzles is 12+.
  • Please be aware that there are adult themes in the room, if in doubt please get in touch before booking.
  • Children 10 to 12 years old must be accompanied by a full paying adult in the room.
  • Those 13 to 15 must have an adult over the age of 18 either playing or present onsite
  • All players must have good mobility. This game is slightly physical and involves crawling.
  • Return to The Rock has a mix of linear and non-linear puzzle flow.
  • You will be restrained when entering the room.
  • Theatrical effects including strobe lighting are used in the room.
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