The Rock


The Rock

You were enjoying a holiday in California with your friends when one evening a SWAT team burst into your hotel room pointing guns at you and dragging you and your friends out of bed. 

What follows is the most terrifying 24 hours of your lives as you are told very little, fed very little and moved from place to place. Your worst fears come true though when you are put on a boat and taken to an island in the San Francisco Bay.

The Rock – the most secure prison in in the US has been renovated and made even more secure, housing some of the most violent and dangerous prisoners in the world. And now you and your small group are going to become residents of this elite club.  

People don’t leave the Rock alive.

Your only option is to escape, a seemingly impossible task, but you quickly find out that someone is on your side and wants to help you get out.

For late availability please call or text 07772 733349‬.


Please Note:

  • Please be aware that there are adult themes in the room, therefore the recommended minimum age is 13.
  • There must be a full paying adult in the room.
  • At least one member of the group must have good mobility. This game is slightly physical.
  • You will be restrained when entering the room.
  • Theatrical effects including strobe lighting are used in the room.
  • We would not recommend this room if you are pregnant.



1 Hour


2-6 participants