The Secret Hut

escape room the secret hut

1940 – Bletchley

The war is not going well. The Germans are advancing towards the coast of France and Belgium.

Any resistance made by the allied forces is swept aside by the mighty German army.

A resistance group have found top secret plans from the German high command which describe the next phase of the German advance including most crucially how they plan to invade England.

The plans were being decoded in a secret hut near Bletchley but all of the agents have mysteriously disappeared. You have been asked to assemble a team by Mr Churchill to go to the secret hut and try to find the plans before it is too late.

When you unlock the door to the hut you quickly discover that you have triggered an alarm, you have 1 hour to find the plans or suffer a far worse fate.



Duration (Mins)


Difficulty (1-5)


Max No of Players


Escape Rate %

Please Note:

  • Children under 10 are not permitted to take part in the game.
  • The recommended age due to the complexity of the puzzles is 12+.
  • Children 10 to 12 years old must be accompanied by a full paying adult in the room.
  • Those 13 to 15 must have an adult over the age of 18 either playing or present onsite.
  • The Secret Hut is a linear room.
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