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Our 5* Rated Escape Rooms Now Available Virtually

The world has changed and the way we enjoy ourselves has also changed.

Getting together physically with our friends and family is not so easy.

We’re virtualising our escape rooms to enable you to play anywhere with anyone – The New Escape Room Norm!

This is a live escape room experience.

Our ‘Avatar’ is your eyes and ears in the room, you tell them what to do through a live Zoom session.

Currently you can play Gin & Panic and The Secret Hut Virtually but we are working hard to virtualise our other escape games.

What is a Virtual Escape Room?


When you play our virtual escape rooms, you are introduced to an Avatar.  They are your eyes and ears inside the room.  They will do whatever you say (within reason) and help and guide you through your experience.


To play our virtual escape games you need access to a web browser and the internet – we do the rest! When you make a booking you will receive an access code and a link to our site with full details of how to play.

How Many?

Unlike our physical escape games, you pay for the number of screens rather than number of physical players.  We recommend a maximum of 8 player spread across a maximum of 6 screens for the best experience.


This is a live escape room experience.

Our ‘Avatar’ is your eyes and ears in the room.

The number of screens is how many Zoom sessions we can host in one game.

Max Players
Games Master
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Upgrade your virtual experience

For that truly immersive experience why not add a 70cl bottle of our Don’t Get Locked Gin to your virtual game.  We will send it to you before your booking so that you can enjoy a drink (or 2) while you play along.  Our Gin costs £35, including P&P (P&P normally extra) when bought with a virtual booking. Must be bought at least 7 days before booking date.

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Frequenty Asked Questions

Virtual escape games have been around since the start of COVID - why now?

A number of escape rooms rushed to release print at home escape games when the first lockdown happened.  We wanted to wait and provide an as close to real virtual experience as possible.  This meant lots of research and work to make our existing games work online.  That work is now done and we’re delighted to release our first games.

What equipment do I need?

Ideally a laptop or PC is required to play our games, this is because you need to have Zoom and a web browser open at the same time.  You can use an iPad/Tablet but you would need to switch between Zoom and the browser.

Oh and you also need a pen and paper!

This is the first time I've played a virtual escape room - what can I expect?

We’ve tried to make our virtual experience as true to the physical game as possible, so you will be greeted by your Games Master and given a virtual intro to your chosen game.  Then we’ll introduce you to your Avatar – your new best friend and the person that’s going to help you win the game. We’ve prepared some do’s and dont’s to help you get the most from your experience, see below.

Virtual Do's and Don'ts
  1. Please don’t be late for your booked slot.  This is a live event so our usual cancellation rules apply.
  2. Don’t all shout out at once.  The Avatar will only take direction from one person at a time.
  3. Make sure your camera is on.  Remember our Avatar is a real person, they want to communicate with you not a blank screen!
  4. Listen to what the Avatar is telling you.  They are there to help you where possible.
  5. Use the inventory system to keep track of the objects you have found.
Is this a play at home game?

No, this is a live escape room game.  Our Avatar takes your place in the room and becomes your eyes and ears.

How long does it last?

The games last the same time as our physical games, so generally 60 minutes.

How does the pricing work?

Unlike other play at home games, this is a live escape room, you are hosted by a Games Master and a live Avatar (person in character) is your eyes and ears in the room for the duration of your experience.  As opposed to print at home games which are usually not live.

Can different households play?

Yes absolutely, you just need access to the internet and the Zoom invite.  You can have 2 screens connected in the standard package.  This means 2 screens in the same house or different houses.

Why a max of 4 people per screen?

It is important that all players can participate in the game, any more than 4 people on a single screen (webcam) usually makes the game congested and prohibits everyone from being able to participate.

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