What is an Escape Room?

We try to answer this one obvious question!

In a world of online games and mobile apps you would be forgiven for thinking that getting in your car and driving somewhere to physically play a game would be somewhat old fashioned. However as we see time and time again life is an iterative cycle of trends and old ideas reborn.

Who would have thought self lacing trainers would actually be available to buy?  Who would have thought the Crystal Maze would make a comeback or Jeremy Clarkson would be a good replacement for Chris Tarrant? Only time will tell if that was a good or very bad idea.

People are generally sociable characters and enjoy nothing more than spending time with family, friends or work colleagues.  This can involve drinking something alcohol based in a bar or discussing the latest gossip from Facebook.  However, there is an alternative, an escape room is just what it says, a room where you try to escape.  Think Crystal Maze without the Crystals or Richard O’Brian!

Escape rooms provide a way for you to put all those hours of brain teaser apps to good use. Enabling you to go from zero to hero in 60 minutes.  Imagine being asked by Winston Churchill to find the secret plans that hold the key to winning World War 2?  Think you can follow in the footsteps of the greatest cryptologists ever?  Perhaps you would like to see how it feels to escape from Alcatraz, or how about a bank heist?

What actually happens?

Sometimes referred to as locked in rooms, locked rooms, panic rooms, and exit games, the basic premise is the same, you have 60 minutes to escape, but you are never actually locked in, so it is not as scary as it sounds.  In reality you have a Games Master watching your every move and giving guidance and encouragement in the form of clues.  So, if you get really stuck help is on hand.

We only give hints if the decision to ask is unanimous from the whole team.  Unlike some escape rooms we don’t volunteer clues, you have to ask first.  So hardened escape roomers can take the more difficult path to greatness whereas our novice users can have as much encouragement as they want.

The really great thing about escape rooms is that they are real. In a world which is becoming more and more virtual, we find that people actually want to experience something real for a change.  When the door closes and timer starts all you see is a scene that resembles a 1940’s war time code breaking room.

Beware - You might enjoy this!

We especially enjoy welcoming people that clearly don’t want to be here!  They are dragged along to do this ‘new thing that people are talking about on Facebook’.  The transition from aloof and disinterested, to taking charge and quickly becoming an expert!  Exclaiming ‘We have 5 minutes to get out – come on we can do this’. Of course while scrabbling around on the floor trying to find the next clue.  Very heart-warming and makes all the hard work worth while!  We had a similar experience when we did our first escape room in Cornwall. Hence deciding that other people deserved to have a similar experience and Don’t Get Locked In was established.

We are really proud of what we have created and the way people respond and feel when they emerge from the room. But all that said, the only way to truly understand is to try it for yourself.  So get online (yes, we encourage you to do that) and book your game.  We promise you don’t need to worry or be scared! We are very friendly and we absolutely promise that you will have a great, fun and socially rewarding experience.

And Finally....

We’ve been running for 3 years and in that time feel that we have created something a bit special – escapism and above all social fun.  In our short life we have had children as young as 8 and adults as old as 80 (some even dressing up, dancing and singing in some instances) through our experience.  And there is one thing they all have in common – they totally enjoy the experience (check out our 5* Tripadvisor reviews if you don’t believe me), echoed by the numerous requests for us to change the clues so they can ‘do it again’ or asking when the next room will be ready?

Even the most sceptical of people enter the room looking worried or disinterested and come out hyped and exhilarated by the experience.

The fact that other escape rooms have copied our ideas is testament to our innovative approach to entertainment – better to be a leader than a follower!

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